Consider these things before choosing a suitable stair lift for your home

A chair lift is indeed a very practical and useful asset in the home. Many have feedback that they have enjoyed the many benefits of having a stair lift such as: increased mobility, convenience, enjoying high safety levels, etc. However, there are several things that one should consider before buying a stair chair lift for their homes. In this article, we will discuss the key factors that one should consider before buying a chairlift for their own homes.

The User’s Mobility

The first thing that one should consider before buying a stair lift for his or her home is the user’s mobility. Remember that the stairlift is meant to serve the user thus one should start to think about the user’s needs.

The Type of Stairs Currently Built 

There are many customizable stair lifts in the market, however one should think about the current stairs type that he has in his home. A straight staircase would require a standardized straight stair lift. On the other hand, a curved staircase would be slightly more complicated. Remember that a curved staircase would have curved rails and thus the stair lift has to be customized to fit this type of staircase. Note that time would be needed to craft out a customized solution, considering that the staircase might not be able to withstand the weight of both the stairlift and the person. All in all, one should get the professional to inspect the staircase and then proceed to customize a proper solution for the user.


Next, think about the budget that you are willing to cater for this machine. Curved stairlifts in general are much more expensive than a standard straight stairlift. Yes, many have said that a stairlift is highly economical in the long run especially that one does need to cater for a full time caregiver for the person and there are several benefits of getting a stairlift. Do your research and be prepared to cater a budget for this machine. Ask your professional about the maintenance cost, warranty package, and the cost to repair this machine in the event it breaks down.

Weight Capacity

Most stairlift models have a standard weight capacity, however it is important that you understand the weight of the personnel that would need to use this machine frequently. If needed, there are other models with higher weight capacity. Note that the stairlifts that can cater for a bigger weight would usually take up more space.

Installation Fee

One of the last steps is to think about the installation fee that you have to pay. In the event that the chairlift breaks down, one would need to cater for the cost of hiring the service staff to fix the stairlift.

Try It Out

Lastly, ask your provider if there is a chance for you to try out the machine for yourself and decide which models would suit your users best.

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