How to conduct your own roof inspection

The roof is indeed one of the most important compartment of a house, however it is also one of the most overlooked part as well. Without a proper roofing system, your home will encounter much water leakage especially when during the rainy season. Most of the time, one would only check on the roof when a roof leakage starts happening. Therefore, it is paramount that one conducts his or her own roof inspection once in a while to ensure that roofing problems will be rectified and thus extending your roof’s lifespan. In this article, we will introduce the different things that you can look out for as you conduct your own roof inspection such as: shingles, roof tile coatings etc.

Broken Shingles

The roof is often exposed to harsh weather conditions and it is also often covered with debris and leaves. This may result in your shingles to bend and even be damaged over a long period of time. The roof shingles actually act as a waterproofing barrier that helps to keep your property’s structure intact. If you notice that your roof’s shingles are already broken or about to be broken, it is important you either get it replaced, or get a professional to fix it up for you.

Gutters & Flashing

Gutters are another important part of a roof. They help to channel the water away and thus prevent a large amount of water to be collected overtime. Therefore, it is important that you check that it has been properly installed and is still functioning optimally.


As mentioned, it is almost impossible to keep out debris and other items from collecting on your roof, thus it is common for moss to thrive in your roof, and overtime when this is not taken care of, your roof might deteriorate. Moss can also cause your shingles to be damaged overtime. If you do not know how to detect moss or remove them, it is time you get a professional to do this job for you.

Cracked boots around your vent pipes

Lastly, inspect your roof vent pipes. The vent pipe is a vertical pipe that is attached to your drain line and runs through the roof. Plumbing air vents are located on your roofs and they help to disperse out fumes and sewer gases. If your vents are not taken care of, it can seriously affect your home’s interior integrity.

In conclusion, it is crucial that you inspect your roof regularly and prevent rising problems from damaging your roof and your home’s overall structural integrity.

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