The Best Materials for modern garden furniture

Garden furniture is a necessary investment. In deciding for the best material makeup, you’ll need to consider your location and lifestyle. This requires some research and education. One has to compare the materials in terms of looks, how durable it is, comfort and the prices. Each material has its strengths and weaknesses.

So it is important to align them with the requirements of the environment and the priorities and preferences. These are some of the best materials for the modern garden furniture;

  • Aluminum

This is the most popular patio furniture material.  It is all-round and can be cast into any design. It is durable and light in weight. Aluminum resists rust and moisture damages better than others and if the finish is powder coated it offers more protection against elements. It’s easy to clean and require little care and the material can withstand most temperatures. To remove dust and dirt, one should use clear water or mild soapy mixture to spray.

  • Resin Wicker/All-weather wicker

This type of furniture material is made with thin strands of nylon of PVC. For a classic garden look, the furniture is woven in a wicker style. Resin wicker is more durable as compared to traditional wicker materials. It rarely fades or cracks as most are UV-resistant and can withstand most temperature changes even harsh conditions. The furniture is low-maintenance. One should spray with water to remove dirt and pollen, then air it to dry and when not in use should be kept in a shaded area.

  • Wood

Woods furniture has an ageless appeal. Softer woods such as pine and cedar can resist natural weather whereas, hardwoods such as teak are durable and perform better when cared properly. Woods give a garden a warm and casual feel. They must be taken good care of. To avoid appearances of moisture rings and heat marks, it’s important to use coasters or pads. In humid climates, to prevent warping consider sealing with varnishes. Painted wood should be cleaned with damp clothes and avoid exposing them to moisture. And for sealed wood to remove dirt,pollen they should be cleaned with a mixture of mildly soapy water. Untreated wood to preserve quality must be cleaned lightly with a damp cloth and kept out or rain or direct sunlight.

  • Recycled Plastic

This is among the best patio furniture in terms of performance and style. They are durable and strong. They can resist fading and moisture as they do not produce rust. Most of this furniture is made to resemble wood. They are easy to cleanby only spraying with clear water and require less to maintain them. They are eco-friendly and can withstand all temperatures.

  • Steel

Steel furniture is stable,strongand can endure harsh temperatures and conditions. Stainless steel is best for gardens. They are stationary against the wind as they are very heavy. To prevent rust due to moisture it’s important for the finishes to be powder coated. They have a classic look with makes the garden to be more sophisticated. They require some level of care. To wash dust, the frame should be sprayed with clear or soapy water. To limit exposure to elements chips in the finish should be treated instantly.


There is no best garden material. But here are some of the ideas depending on the material.

  • Teak is best if one wants furniture made of wood as they give the garden a warm tone.
  • Aluminum or stainless steel is best for a sleek look
  • Synthetic resin is best if looking for low-maintenance, lightweight and modern furniture
  • Also one can consider mixing and matching for diverse effects.

There are some which should also be avoided as much as possible including;

  • Bare metals-Unless they are coated with rust-resistant materials. They usually rust when exposed to rain and moisture.
  • Plastic resin-Unless for temporary use only. They are not attractive and are fragile.

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