Why Exposed Aggregate is the Best Material for your Driveway

Whether you are designing a new build, or simply want a change from asphalt, there are many material choices for a driveway. Concrete, block paving, and pavers all offer the homeowner good value for money, but if one material stands out, it has to be exposed aggregate, which happens to tick all the boxes for a stunning driveway.

Exposed Aggregate

Anyone looking for exposed aggregate concrete in Melbourne, can search online for a local supplier, who would have an impressive album of before and after images that demonstrate the potential of exposed aggregate as a finish. Natural textures from materials like pebbles, shells and crushed stones leave a stunning finish that is extremely durable, and there is an almost unlimited combination of design features.

Colour is Pre-Mixed

The reason exposed aggregate holds its rich colour is due to mixing the colour oxide prior to installation, thus ensuring an even mix and colour. The supplier can replicate any colour, so you really do have Carte Blanche regarding shades, and the aggregate can be as fine or as coarse as you like, and with a professional installation, you have a stunning driveway that stands the test of time.

Non-Slip Surface

In both wet and dry conditions, you have a firm, non-slip surface, and there are no puddles, as the material is semi-porous, and with your choice of edging stones, you can really transform the front of your property. As the aggregate is thoroughly mixed, there are no loose stones to deal with, and when you consider the very reasonable cost and the long-term durability, exposed aggregate concrete offers the homeowner the very best in value.

Blend the Colour & the Texture to Suit

There are so many possibilities, and should you make an enquiry with a local contractor, they would pay you a home visit and you can both examine the finish options, of which there are many. Coarse or fine, the mix can be coloured to your selection, and when they install the driveway, the ground would be prepared, with a thickness that will ensure durability.

Easy to Clean

Dirt, grime and oil will eventually gather, and a power jet wash will restore the surface to that “just installed” look. Buy a water pressure cleaner (or hire one locally) and a couple of hours will see your driveway transformed. The diversity in colour and finish is best demonstrated when you take a look at Melbourne driveways, as homeowners explore the potential that concrete offers.

Comparing Quotes

The Internet will help you source local suppliers, and by asking several to quote for the project, you can make an informed decision. You should have a gut feeling when talking to contractors, and look for one that is prepared to spend the time looking at designs and can show you a wide range of fine examples.

Exposed aggregate concrete offers the homeowner the ideal driveway that is both unique and very practical, and with a local expert, you can be assured of a first-class job.

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