Epxoy Grout Or Cement Grout? Which Is Better For Your Building?

If you have been involved in a discussion regarding a building’s construction, then you may have heard of the term “Grout” and found yourself wondering what it is exactly. Grout is a thick paste which is typically cement based. The most common application of grout is the filling of cracks between tiles to keep them in place. Application of grout involves allowing it to flow into cracks and gaps between tiles before giving it time to dry. Traditionally, grout has been made of cement based materials, but better alternatives have emerged.

For starters, cement grout is inherently porous, meaning that it has many undetectable openings throughout its mixture that remain even when dried. Such pores allow for water, dirt and other elements to find their way into the grout where they become embedded. Over time, such foreign substances cause staining and empower mould to grow. Discolouration of grout is likely to follow while it continues to deteriorate, with larger pores emerging.

As grout becomes increasingly susceptible to water, leakages increase at a rapid rate. Over time, a substantial amount of rainwater can be expected to have entered your building structure. This compromises the safety of all inhabitants as water and moisture allows for further mould growth in the infrastructure. Should sufficient decay and erosion occur, the structure may be weaken to an extent where it can no longer support itself.

Epoxy grout is considered to be a superior alternative to traditional cement based grout owing to its strength and durability. It is highly resistant to chemicals, cracks and stains while also having a flexible temperature range in which it can operate at. Though it is slightly more expensive than cement grout, but its durability more than makes up for the upfront cost. Only simple maintenance is required in order to keep epoxy grout in working condition.

Application of grout should only be done by grout specialists and experts. Careful calculation and application of epoxy kits are needed to ensure that all gaps are filled with no obvious spots of leakages. Additionally, grouting can be a time sensitive project that requires proper project management. If you are in need of professional grouting services, do ensure to conduct a proper background check on the company.

While many companies offer grout application services, they may not be specialists or experienced in this product. Poor usage of grout would result in more costs in the long run while also posing a danger to your building’s infrastructure. Therefore, we cannot stress enough the importance of hiring a reputable firm even if they charge higher rates for the service. It is best to buy quality and a peace of mind instead of having to rehire a new company in several years’ time.

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