Giving the Gift of Renovation

Some gifts aren’t wrapped in beautiful bows; rather, they arrive with with power equipment and tools. This holiday season, skip the jewelry and opt for a present you could enjoy year round: a home remodeling project. It doesn’t have to be large. From accent tiles to living room revamps, you could just create a pleasant surprise for someone you love.

Small Jobs With Big Impact

Renovating doesn’t require big ticket items. Chances are you have a list of things you or your significant other want accomplished. Do faucets need changing? Does a room need painting? While seemingly tiny, these to-dos add up, at times creating frustration and annoyance. Giving someone the gift of a handyman or revamp is simply helping to remove something from the itinerary, freeing time for other activities. Here is a list of concepts that won’t break the bank, but might bring some seasonal cheer:

  • Add a kitchen backsplash
  • Build a fire pit
  • Mount a television to the wall
  • Lay vinyl in bathrooms
  • Change out cabinetry
  • Install organizers
  • Hang new lighting

If you’re stuck on what your loved one really wants, then find experts who can provide a time frame of service. Four hours of someone else fixing the house means four hours to enjoy something you prefer.

What About the Special Day

Is this really a surprise? It can be. If you want to have something for the stocking or under the tree, begin with some leg work. Establish a feasible price point, and find someone who specializes in home maintenance solutions pensacola. Research the company, and meet with them to discuss what you want. Then, select a day and time to meet after the holiday. This first meeting could simply be for a final consultation, where the recipient can have some say in what will be accomplished. Finally, find a way to deliver it. Consider wrapping up a box of materials, or place the business name and number with a self-created gift card in the stocking or a small box under the tree.

This could be the start of a new concept, and it’s one with added benefits year round. Walk into your refurbished kitchen, smiling at the new cabinets and tiles. Sit by the fire pit, making s’mores with family. Gather around the large tv watching a family movie. In fact, you could anticipate making changes each year, so think out-of the box, giving your partner the opportunity to knock out an item on that wish list.

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