How to Pack Valuables for Moving or Storage

Moving valuable items can cause anxiety in many people. Heirloom glasses or ornate mirrors need special care to move or store without breaking them. Here’s how to prepare them for moving or storage.


Whether you use professional moving and storage Florida or plan to do it yourself, you need the right supplies to care for your valuables. Bubble wrap is a boon to protecting precious items especially glass. The unique design cushions the items for better storage and minimal breakage opportunity. Give your items an added layer of protection with packing paper. Boxes are the number one thing for storing small to large items. Boxes of a variety of sizes can help you properly store your belongings. You don’t want to put too many heavy things in one box to avoid the box breaking. Plan to use boxes based on size, need and weight. Tape guns while not necessary can make packing faster. Moving blankets can help wrap large items such as furniture and large pictures with a protective layer. To keep the blankets from moving, purchase large rubber bands to wrap around the wrapped item. Or you can use movers shrink wrap to keep the blanket on and add protection to items.


Look for ways to safely pack your valuables. Now that you have the necessary supplies on hand, you can start wrapping your valuables. Double tape the bottoms of any boxes used to house your valuables. This provides added strength to the bottom. Line the box with a layer of bubble wrap then add in your wrapped valuables. Use tape to secure the bubble wrap around the objects. For dishware, use dishware or glassware dividers for added protection inside the box. You can purchase boxes specifically designed for framed artwork and pictures. To protect furniture, pay special attention to anything sticking out such as feet, ornate tops and hardware. If you have the original boxes for electronic devices, it is best to use them for the best protection.


Some valuable items come with a large cost. To avoid having to come up with the replacement value out of your own pocket, it is a great idea to buy insurance for those valuable items. If you use professional movers, choose one that comes with some insurance. Should they break something, then you can rely on them to cover the cost of replacement. Of course, not every valuable item is realistically replaceable. Proper packing can keep those invaluable items such as antiques from being broken or damaged. Or you can rely on the experience of professional movers.

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