How To Be Prepared When You Need To Seek Shelter During A Tornado

A tornado can come out of nowhere and without a lot of warning. When a major storm comes through you can have it set in the back of your mind that you need to be ready just in case, but you can never get a full warning unless the tornado is spotted miles away and heading in your direction.

But that is something that rarely happens, so how exactly can you be sure that you stay safe and prepared for when disaster strikes? Here are some tips on how you can prepare for a tornado before it is too late.

First, if you don’t already have a residential tornado shelter in Texas, you should get one. Getting a safe place to hide out in while there is a tornado warning is the first step to being prepared.

Of course you can use a bathroom and a couple of mattresses but having a residential tornado shelter in Texas will provide you with so much more comfort than the other methods because you know that it is almost impossible for something to get you in a tornado shelter.

Having a shelter is especially comforting when you have kids or pets that you are also trying to keep safe during the storm, so if you haven’t already considered a tornado shelter you should definitely look into it.

Next, stock up your tornado shelter, or wherever you are hiding out during the storm, with the essentials. If the power goes out you will need fresh batteries and a flashlight that works. You need a first aid kit just in case someone gets hurt in the storm or tornado shelter.

You need water and some snacks just in case you are stuck down, if the storm slows down you could be stuck down there for a few hours or even overnight depending on how bad the storm is. And if you have kids or a pet you should bring something for them too.

Pets will need food and water and maybe a chew toy, and kids should have diapers, bottles, or a comfort item to make them feel better in this stressful situation.

Lastly, you will need a weather radio, one that is either hand cranked or battery powered, so that you can keep up with what is going on with the storm and you will know when it is safe to come out.

If you are not at home when a tornado hits there are some other things you can do. First, if you are in your car, you should try to drive away from the area.

If it is too late to drive away you should leave your car running and your seat belt buckled but you should duck your head underneath the windows and cover it for safety.

If you do not have a car nearby and you are nowhere near a building that you can hide in, you can lay down in a ditch. This method is not one that is recommended unless it is the last option that you have. If you have children try to cover them as best as you can in case debris starts flying around.

There are a lot of ways to stay safe during a tornado as long as you think through every decision and don’t act on impulse.

Every move matters but you can make sure that everyone stays safe during these storms as long as you stay calm and keep everyone together.

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