What to Do with Old Furniture

If there is old furniture at home that you wish to dispose of, there are various things that you can do with it. Throwing it out is not your only option. Check out the different things that you can do with a piece of old furniture and see which one will work best for you.

Clean it

Is your furniture worn out, or does it just need cleaning and a little makeover? Instead of buying new furniture, see if you can still save the old. It will also save you some cash. The piece might need some cleaning. After cleaning the furniture, add in something new like throw pillows for a sofa, and you will be surprised by the newfound beauty of your old item.

Have it reupholstered

If it is reupholstered, the fabric, lining, and foam will all be replaced. However, it can also be expensive. So, shop around for upholstery services and compare their prices. Weigh your options to determine if it will be practical to get new upholstery or if you should buy an item of new furniture and get rid of the old, damaged one.

Sell it

If the furniture is not severely damaged and you prefer to replace it because you want different furniture with a specific design, selling is another choice. You may offer it to friends or people you know who might be interested in buying it for a particular price. There are also sites where you can post it online and find people who want to purchase it. Get clear photos and add an honest description of the item. If there is damage to certain areas, be upfront too, so buyers will know what to expect and to avoid any problems with your transaction.

Give it away for free

Another option is to give your old furniture away for free. You may have friends or family members who might need it. There are also charitable institutions that accept furniture donations as long as they are still in good condition. If you want to help others out, this is an opportunity for you to do that.

Recycle it

You can repurpose old furniture by turning it into something else. For instance, you can make an old coffee table into a bookshelf or a nightstand. Bigger items like a sofa that can no longer be repurposed can also be separated into parts for recycling, or you can donate it to recycling organizations.

Use it in another room

See if you have a use for the furniture in the other rooms of the house. For instance, you may no longer want it in your living room, but it can still be useful in your entertainment room or your guest room. Instead of buying new furniture for the other room, save money by using the one that you are about to dispose of instead.

If it’s beyond repair and you prefer to get rid of the furniture, you may hire professional Omaha junk removal services to do the job. They can efficiently remove the old furniture and give the parts to recycling partners to prevent any harmful effects on the environment.

Image: https://pixabay.com/photos/living-room-sofa-couch-2569325/

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