Bedside Table Designs That Will Leave You Mesmerized

According to a study conducted in 2011 by the National Sleep Foundation, 72 % of people slept with cellphones in their beds. It can be dangerous as your sleep cycle can be hampered, or you might set your bedding on fire in case of some hardware issue. Bedside tables are helpful to save you from such situations. They come with storage options and a tabletop where you can place your cellphone and other essentials for the night conveniently.

Plus, it can be a boon for all the snoozers, as keeping your phone away will prevent you from hitting the snooze button all the time and help you wake up. Moreover, bedside tables are beneficial for bedtime readers who can keep the book after they read on the table. You would no longer have to worry about falling asleep with the book and waking up to some crumbled pages. Be it for placing cellphones, water bottles, or bedtime medicines, a bedside table is an important bedroom furniture piece.

It’s time to replace that old stool you always use to keep things besides your bed with a modern, petite, and compact bedside table. If you are planning to purchase one, then you might want to look around for some bedside table designs. Following list might help you pick one:

Ambrosia Engineered Wood Bedside Table:

This side table for bed features 2 drawer storage options with a smooth telescopic channeled operation. You will have ample storage space for keeping all the necessary things such as medicines, books, torch, candles, keys, and more. To enhance your room decor, you can add vases, lamps, or picture frames on the tabletop. The dual color shades of walnut and off-white give it an aesthetic look perfect for contemporary or modern decor.

Bali Bolton Engineered Wood Bedside Table:

Designed in wenge finish, this side table features an elegant design. It comes equipped with drawer storage and an open shelf, providing you enough space for storing your books, medicines, water, and other things. For a style element, you can festoon your bedroom decor by adding a planter beside the table and placing a beautiful night lamp on the tabletop.

Radial Solid Wood Side Table:

A cutesy little nightstand that is just about right for those who are looking forward to adorning their room decor with a side table. Although a minimalistic storage option, it is sure to add a luxe touch to the overall bedroom appeal. You can place a small planter on the tabletop and add a small picture frame below on the secondary tabletop. The round-shaped design with a brown finish will be suitable for any decor, whether traditional or modern.

Herman Solid Wood Side Table:

Now, this is the one that sets aside all other designs. It is a quirky, geometrically-shaped table with a glass tabletop and a small open storage space at the bottom. You can flaunt the designer within you by decorating it with glass terrariums, books, or mini aquariums.

Sterling Solid Wood Bedside Table:

This cute table will sit right in a corner beside the bed and continue to adorn the look of your room. Made with rubberwood, it is resistant to insects and fungus. The diamond-like drawer knobs split up elegantly for both the drawers. With enough storage space for all the necessary things, you can now sleep without the disturbance of getting up from the bed.

Edwina Engineered Wood Bedside Table:

One of the fancy designs you will come across, this Edwina table is undoubtedly a masterpiece. With 2 storage drawers, you have quite the required space to keep all your bedside essentials. What’s exciting and catches the eyes, is how the drawers open and close. On opening the drawers, you have an L-shaped pattern formed on both sides. On closing, you have a puzzle-like shape formed. The high gloss design in MDF is ideal for contemporary decor.

Noah Engineered Wood Bedside Table:

The one to bedizen kids room, it is quite an attraction for children. The whimsical prints and funky shape of the drawer are an eye-catcher. There is an open space at the bottom where you can store all your child’s favorite storybooks and board games. On the tabletop, you can place an alarm clock that would be helpful during school days. The drawer would come handy for keeping toys, eatables, and other quick stationery items.

What’s Your Pick?

We’ve listed our 7 favorites; now it’s your time to choose the right one. Go ahead and make a choice; you can choose from the ones mentioned above or search for a new one!

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