How to Make Your Home Feel and Look Modern

The modern home

Tight budgets everywhere, expenses ever building up all the time. Whoever gets a means to get that dream high end home? Well, it does not matter whether yours is a small home with limited floor space or that you are on a budget, you can get that dream home you have always wanted.

Looking at the modern condominiums Houston, there are a few tricks that interior designers have up their sleeves that if applied, you do not have to rob a bank to get up there too. Just cheap and easy tips such as repainting, pillow change, hardwood floors and window treatments, among others. Studying the modern condominiums of Houston, we delved into these affordable and simple ways to create the list below.

Come up with a sketch plan before commencing;

Just like how professionals operate, you do not need any wastage of resource or getting stuck along the way. Therefore, plan out to know the precise space you are dealing with.

Paint- choosing your colors;

If you are dealing with small spaces, then usually go for neutral earth tones and more pared-back colors, this is because they always seem modern and make small spaces appear more significant. For much bigger spaces, then always go for dramatic or bold colors, for instance, doing black for the interior is an excellent choice as it gives that expensive touch and it is cheap. And as far as choosing furniture color goes, always do bright because it always draws attention. You do not want one to start calculating your small sitting room space, do you? Then divert their attention to that yellow couch.


This is your home; you need as much elegance and comfort as possible. Which ways can you achieve this cheaply if not through pillows? Your guests are going to need to be comfortable and cozy. Here the trick is to go for large and packed pillows as they always look plush and expensive.

Other house spaces;

Do not concentrate on your sitting room and forget the rest of the house. Look at the dining room, for instance. Get yourself a dining set that will not eat up all your space but will also accommodate as many guests as you need at ago. The hallways are also other spaces that need a touch of elegance.

With cheap solutions like some flowers, pots, mirrors and art go a long way. The kitchen needs a little touch of industrial tone and brushed metal appliances to look fashionable. And then there is your night, time-space, and your bedroom. Here it would help if you had it simple, sparse and bared back. Remember we are on a tight budget; thus you do not need new TV and furniture in your bedroom, just a functional and contemporary touch. Lastly, the bathroom. A very crucial space in the house, despite being small, it is vital. That being said, aerated concrete, along with lively tiles, will convert your boring bathroom walls to a beautiful space.


Having looked at the entire interior, windows are a welcome change. Ensure to get yourself window treatments; otherwise, your house will look unfinished. Shun see-through materials, go for lined curtains, they will always look expensive and modern.

Hygiene and housekeeping;

You can spend a fortune to furnish your house. However, if maintenance and cleaning are not done, then your house is bound to fall into confusion anytime. Regular vacuuming and dusting; eliminating spots and stains will keep disorder at bay.

With a well-organized and clean home, your accessories, flooring, lighting, pillows, paint, art and the rest will be conspicuous and thus in so doing, you gifted yourself with a dream house such as the modern condominiums houston.

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