Ultimate Guide To Home Tornado Shelters

Solid Information to Put Together a Solid Tornado Shelter

Natural disasters are just a part of life. No matter where one decides to live, natural disasters of one sort or another will eventually rear their head. It’s true that some areas are removed from some of the threats. But in general it’s a question of what type of natural disaster one needs to look out for. And not so much a question of whether one needs to look out for them at all.

For regions like Texas the primary concern is tornados. There’s some good and bad to the situation. The good is that limitations on type of natural disaster means one can plan for them. The bad is that tornadoes are notoriously unpredictable. But there is one solid defence against tornadoes in Texas. And that defence is a good tornado shelter.

Home tornado shelters Texas style will use the area’s natural strong points. One of the most important of these is the solid foundation provided by nature. Home tornado shelters Texas style should ensure that it’s getting good use of the strong Texan land. This means that one can use a good concrete base firmly laid on top of the soil. This is in contrast to areas where one can’t be sure that earthquakes won’t be a threat as well.

Doing so ensures that the foundation is just as firm as if one had built it underground. The biggest benefit is that one won’t have to worry about accessibility issues. Stairs can pose a significant problem for people. And even people without mobility issues will often develop them in the midst of an emergency. It’s not unheard of for someone running for kids or pets to injure himself in the process. And this can make going down stairs quite difficult.

There are issues with stability in above ground shelters. But this is where the firm concrete foundation comes in. That said, there are other options for a shelter. There’s nothing stopping one from using below ground tornado shelters. And there are advantages to this approach as well. One of the biggest is that it allows for easier use of land. If available space is limited than one can have a limited building on top of the ground. And then below one can have a full shelter.

Of course there are other things to keep in mind with both types of shelter. Food, power and water are the most important. Food is one of the easier options. In the short term it’s most important to ensure shelf life. Rice in this case is ideal. But only if one can secure a way to actually cook it. A low power hot plate can be a good option there. However, keep in mind that this does mean one will need additional power. Otherwise nuts and grains can be a better option. Even if their long term usage comes with additional limitations.

Water is as easy as simply having filled containers on hand. But a simple camping filter can be a great addition as well. After large storms there’s usually no lack of water. But clean water is another thing entirely. Filters can take care of that problem. And the issue of power is fairly easily solved by keeping a few larger power banks on hand.

A generator would normally be useful. But a tornado has too much chance of damaging it. Likewise any solar panels which need actual mounting. Larger banks can last for days though, and that should be more than long enough to ride out a storm. If one wants to ensure that power outages are taken into account than it’s easy to borrow one other thing from campers. Folding solar panels intended for hikers can still pick up a surprising amount of power with low cloud cover. One obviously wouldn’t want to use this during a storm or tornado. But it can work quite well with the amount of sunlight normally found in its aftermath.

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