How To Grow Your Lawn

Having a beautiful luscious lawn for your friends and family to enjoy is a wonderful thing. From beautiful trees to green thick grass, having a perfect yard can be a place for your children to play, practice catch and have family barbecues. But how do you create a beautiful yard? It takes a lot of work, a lot of grass seeds, water and aerating. For the best Atlanta lawn care here are a few simple tips that, if implemented, can make a nice yard the best yard on the block.

Seed Away

The first useful tip for a beautiful yard is that it is a continuous labor of love. If you feel like you have done enough, you probably haven’t. If you think you have added enough seed you probably haven’t. When you are seeding grass in the spring, to fill those dog spots or dead spots with seed. Only about forty percent of seed laid is viable and actually becomes grass. So you can’t assume that everything you lay will become grass. Much of it either dies or gets eaten by birds. Fall and spring are the best times of year to reseed because the weather is warm enough for germination but not hot enough to kill a small seedling. Also, the birds are not as prevalent. Keep seeding and your grass will get greener and more beautiful.

Stay On Top of Watering

The same applies to watering your grass. If you feel like you have watered your grass enough, it’s likely you haven’t. Grass requires lots of water, especially in very hot climates like Texas and California. So keep watering to ensure that your grass is not getting too thirsty and dying. In places where water is restricted, try to evenly distribute the water as best as possible to keep the greenness even across your entire yard.

Aerate, Aerate, Aerate

Aeration is the process of tilling the soil that the grass is in ever so slightly. This is so that the grass does not get torn up or look bad, and air and water can get soaked into the dirt and grass. Aeration is super important for adequate water and nutrition to get down into the grass root system. Even though it seems counterproductive, aeration also helps keep the grass in place. This is because aeration helps to strengthen the root system and strengthen the whole grass system as a whole. Aeration is very important when you are trying to create a beautiful green lawn.

Utilize Your Cut Grass

Although it’s common to bag and remove cut grass from your lawn, it is also a waste of good nutrients. Leaving your cut grass on your lawn helps add nutrients back into the soil as well as somewhat mulch your grass. Also, leaving the grass trimmings helps reseed the grass as well. Grass seeds out just like other plants as part of its reproduction process. So leaving the grass clippings on your lawn can be a cheap and effective way to also reseed. So don’t remove the cut grass. Let it stay on your lawn and help it become greener and stronger.

In the end, having a beautiful green lawn is quite easy but does require a lot of hard work. Follow these easy tips to make your yard greener and more luscious. By just seeding, watering, aerating, and leaving your grass clippings on your lawn, you can have a stronger, thicker and more beautiful lawn.

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