Add Texture And Color With Concrete

Cement for added Color and Texture

There are so many options today for things that are unique and can spice up a room or an area. One of those things is cement. It may seem surprising at first but there are so many things that people can do with cement to make it more colorful and have really fun textures. Some of those things include creating tiles, backsplashes, and even just making different decorations out of cement. One of the best benefits of using it is that it is going to be sturdy and have a lot less chance of breaking like normal tile or other things would. Here are a few ways that we can make a room look cool and unique using cement.

Cement Tiles

Cement tiles are the first on the list for things that you can use to make a space more fun and interesting. The best part of using cement tiles is that anyone can do whatever it is that they want to it. Someone can get plain cement and mix a color into it so that it is a solid block of whatever color he or she wants it to be. There is no limit to what someone can do as far as painting patterns onto the tiles and seal them so that the design lasts a really long time. Unlike with tile, we are not stuck with a certain type of pattern, we can literally do whatever our hearts desire.

Cement Decorations

If tiles are not the things that are wanted to be in the design, then decorations are the next best thing. They can either be bought in the store or done as a DIY at home. If just purchasing is going to be the best route then a quick google search such as decorative concrete dallas tx is going to work really well. There are also ways to make them at home. By taking a simple mold and quick-drying cement any type of pattern or design can be used. The other cool thing about cement is that so long as the ratios are not off then color or glitter dust can be mixed in and it will still set just the same. Do keep in mind though that mixing cement does kick a lot of dust-up in the air so do not forget to wear a mask when doing so.

Things to keep in mind

Remember though that cement cannot replace everything. When beginning work when one is wanting to replace things will cement the first step is to make sure that wherever it is being placed is capable of holding the weight of the cement. The other thing to keep in mind is that not all cement is created equal so make sure that the right cement is being purchased for the right job. The jagged cement that they use to anchor things into the ground is probably not going to be the best because people are going want to do is take off their shoes to get comfortable which is hard with jagged cement is poking the bottom of their feet.

Make sure that when working with cement all safety precautions are taken because it can be very dangerous. Mixing cement kicks a lot of dust into the air which can be really bad for a person’s lungs. So always wear a respirator mask when working with it. The second thing is to keep any children or pets away from the area until it is 100% done, dry and sealed. Once again search things like decorative concrete dallas tx in order to find safety tips.

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