Palm Trees for Your Warm Climate Home


Do you live somewhere with a nice warm climate? Somewhere near the beach. Do you live in South Florida or Hawaii where every day is the T-shirt weather? If this is the case, then consider making your neighbors jealous by getting palm trees. Palm trees are relatively inexpensive compared to other types of trees and there are many benefits to having palm trees in your yard. There are many types of palm trees on the market so you can find the perfect looking and perfect priced tree. Read through these facts about having palm trees for your home.

Purchase in Smaller Sizes

Most people don’t even consider palm trees because they are known to be expensive. Which they are if all you want is full-grown palm trees. Typically, palm trees are sold by the size. So if you are willing to spend a little time waiting you could have inexpensive palm trees that are full-grown in a few years.

Benefits of Palm Trees

There are quite a few benefits to having palm trees in your yard. Here are just a few.

Keep Your Yard Cool

Palm trees are moist trees. Moister than most other types of trees. So they can make your yard cooler. This is great if you host a lot of outdoor type parties during the hot part of the summer. They can help keep your yard and grass cooler. Along with that, the cooler grass requires less water. The moistness of palm trees can help keep your yard cooler. They also have big leaves on the top that can be planted to designate cool areas. This is super convenient if you are in a hot environment.

Look Cool

Another great benefit is that they look cool. I mean, who do you know that has palm trees for yard decoration. If you are looking for a cool way to keep your yard cool, then consider going to Manuel Diaz Farms Inc. Along with having great palm trees they also have great other products for your yard.

They are cool but they are also super beautiful. They have a certain elegance about them and they really make a person think rich. Large estates and mansions love to have palm trees in their yard. So how about you too?

Easy to Grow

Palm trees are hard to kill. So even if you don’t have the greenest of thumbs, you can grow palm trees. They retain a lot of water and don’t die very easily. So if you are worried about spending a lot on trees your just going to kill, consider the palm tree.

Types of Palm Trees

There are many different types of palm trees that Manuel Diaz Farms Inc sells.

Areca Palm trees are the most affordable but also the smallest. The look more ‘fluffy’ and are more of a bush type tree versus a large tree. They are great for smaller spaces.

MacArthur Palms are great for the non-green thumb person. They are very hardy and can survive in basically every condition a warm-weather climate can throw.

Red Sealing Wax Palms are great if you live in a small apartment. They are great for back porches and can live long term in a tub. However, they will eventually outgrow it.


In the end, there are many reasons to have a beautiful palm tree in your yard. There are many types of palm trees that you can invest in. Palm trees look cool and are easy to grow. They are the perfect addition to your warm climate home. Check out Manuel Diaz Farms Inc for your next palm purchase.

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