Tip for Securing Your New Artificial Grass

Once you make up your mind that you want to install artificial turf on your lawn, then do is decide what kind of edging system you need to help secure the turf. An edging system is something that supports the top and keeps it fixed to the ground, so it does not come off. The best way to choose a good quality edging system is to figure out something that blends in with your lawn and does not require the existing lawn to go through too many modifications.

When you install artificial grass, you will need to excavate your current lawn and create a base for the turf. The base usually consists of granite and limestone, which is leveled and pressed down to fit in the artificial turf. After the layer of artificial grass Colorado Springs is placed, choose between a pressure treated timber edging system or a composite plastic edging system. There are also other options, such as the steel edging system, which is more popular for people who choose DIY projects and try to install the turf on their own. Paving is also an option along with concrete gravel boards. All of this happens to be extraordinarily effective, but it depends on what you are looking for and which edging system suits your needs the best.

The timber edging system is the most popular because it is easy to hold the grass and is cost-effective. This is one of the fastest ways to hold down the turf without ruining the aesthetic appeal of your lawn. Paving is something you can consider if you are creating a block of brick edge around the patio. No matter what kind of edging system you choose, it is essential that the installation is done correctly so the system can hold down the grass.

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