Storm Preparedness: Get a Garage Storm Shelter

Texas has to deal with all kinds of weather-related disasters. They have to deal with hurricanes as well as tornados. Both hurricanes and tornados can lead to disastrous results. With hurricanes, you have to deal with torrential rain and hurricane-force winds. These winds can produce gusts from 100 to 200 miles an hour. You also have to deal with tornados. With tornados, it is not the winds that can cause the most damage, it is the debris that the tornado picks up and tosses around. Most families who live in Texas are very familiar with these natural disasters and want to be prepared to protect their families.

The question is what is the best way to protect your family from either one of these weather-related disasters. A lot of people find that a storm shelter is the best way to protect themselves and their families. However, storm shelters can be very costly, and not everybody can afford to build one in their home. With the Garage Storm Shelter Texas, this is a less costly way to build a safe room for you and your family to ride out the storm. The Garage Storm Shelter Texas is a new storm shelter design that can protect you should a hurricane or a tornado strike in your area.

FEMA, or the Federal Emergency Management Agency does set the guidelines for single dwelling shelters, but they don’t approve the shelters. The State of Texas was taking some applications for a rebate program, however, FEMA has not approved funding for this program. The funding for this program is done by the state. When the funding is gone it is left up to the individual resident.

Most residents don’t know what the weak points are in a house. These weak points are doors and windows. What a lot of people don’t realize is that the garage door is the weakest point in your house. The garage door is not secure at all. The garage door is made from a very thin piece of metal that cannot withstand high powered wind or anything that is propelled through the air at a high rate of speed. The other problem with garage doors that they can easily be knocked down. If this happens then the wind will come rushing in. If this happens the house is pressurized from the added wind that comes rushing in.

The wind that comes rushing in can blow down walls or even the ceiling. FEMA recommends that you have a safe room in your house. A safe room has to be built entirely out of concrete and steel or steel and wood. This can be very costly for the homeowner to build in an existing structure. Then there is also what is known as an underground structure. There are cons to doing this. The problem with building an underground structure is that it is easily prone to flooding. If there are torrential rains, an underground shelter would be the first to flood.

Garage Storm Shelter Texas is a good option. This is built in the garage and is built underneath the garage. It is built of concrete with a secure door that you can use to get into the shelter. Since it is made out of concrete, there is no possible way that it can flood, even if it is underground. Even if there is flooding, this shelter is sealed and will not let any water into the shelter at all. The other benefit is that it is built underneath the garage, so you don’t have to worry about losing any space in the house.

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