Common Household Problems for New Homeowners


Buying a new house is an exciting time and can be filled with many new learning experiences. Figuring out how to live within your new environment is exciting. Things like learning about different maintenance that need done each year and even simple things like getting accustomed to a new shower is fun.

However, there are many common problems that can happen. And once you have purchased your home, there is no more option to call your landlord when you have a problem. You are the landlord! So here are a few common problems that can arise and what you can do about it.

Power Outage

Losing power is an unfortunate inconvenience that is relatively common. Things as simple as a car wreck can knock out power in an area for an afternoon. In that type of event there isn’t really much you can do but sit tight. However, if the power is out because of a large storm or other issue then you need to be on your toes and ready to evacuate.

Keep your eyes open and watch out for down power lines as well as any other electrical hazards. A power outage is an inconvenience that can quickly turn into an emergency home repair. If you come across a down line, be sure to call the power company so that they can get someone out to fix it and get the power shut off before someone gets injured.

Water Heater Problems or Outage

For some reason, there is a weird water heater God that watches when people buy a brand new house, and it comes and karate kicks your water heater. Water heater problems are the number one home emergency that can occur in the first year of home ownership. Water heater problems can cause you to have major health and safety problems because you won’t have hot water to wash your clothing and self with. If you have any water heater problems then the easiest thing to do is call a contractor or HVAC company to have them come take a look.

Damaged Water System

If you experience a damaged water system there can be major problems quickly. Places high in moisture can get moldy and highly damaged very quickly. So any type of water system damage is a major issue. Whether it is the sewer system or the system that brings water into your home, if there are problems have it checked out quickly. The quickest and easiest fix is to have a contractor or plumber look at the system.

Window or Door Damage

Another place where damage can cost you lots of money is in your window or door. Leaking windows or doors can cause your home to run highly inefficiently and cost you lots in monthly heating and cooling bills. Along with that, broken windows can be a safety hazard and make it easier for people to break in. Call a contractor or door man for any help with your windows or doors. Updating your windows can help you have a more efficient and warmer home.


Household problems can cause your problem to get major damage, run inefficiently and in need of emergency home repair. Consider these common household problems and common fixes. If you purchase a house and run into any problems, then consider calling a contractor or local repair man. Household problems are bound to arise, the only thing that you can do is to fix the problem and move on! Consider these few household problems and how you can fix them. Happy Home Ownership!

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