All You Need to Know About Anti-bacterial Laminates

Laminates are highly effective products that perform the dual role of protection from bacteria as well as providing an aesthetic appeal to wooden surfaces and furniture. But there are certain surfaces that are vulnerable to bacteria and cannot be protected by ordinary laminates. It is here that anti-bacterial laminates play a crucial role. The anti-bacterial laminate is composed of certain substances which give the laminate greater strength to resist bacteria.

Advantages of anti-bacterial laminates

Anti-bacterial laminate is tough and rugged and is manufactured with phenolic formulation and a special melamine resin. These chemicals prevent the bacteria from increasing in strength. Unlike ordinary laminate, anti-bacterial laminate is more effective in protecting wooden surfaces from bacteria. These laminates reduce around 99 percent of the bacteria on the surface within just 24 hours of contact.

The anti-bacterial laminates have a very long life. In fact the laminate may even outlive the product. The anti-bacteria laminates require minimal maintenance. Since they are manufactured from substances that resist bacteria, it is not necessary to regularly clean them. They are also very cost effective as you do not need disinfectants, many of which are highly priced. Moreover the laminates do not have halogen substances.

Where is anti-bacterial laminate used?

Since anti-bacterial laminates prevent the spread of bacteria they are mainly used in medical institutions like hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, pathological labs, medical research centers etc. These places are usually susceptible to the growth of bacteria and viruses. The laminates will keep both the patients and the staff safe from any kind of infection. Apart from healthcare centers, anti-bacterial laminates are also widely employed in public buildings, swimming pools, public toilets, gyms, restaurants and cafeterias. To help combat the risk of contamination, anti-bacterial laminates can also be used in homes, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms. The kitchen walls can get damaged due to excessive heat and steam and food spills; however, anti-bacterial laminates will protect the walls from these irritants.

To provide children with a bacteria-free environment, many schools and educational institutions rely on anti-bacterial laminates to cover the surfaces of their furniture like tables, chairs, cabinets, laminated wooden door and even walls.

Bacteria can cause various illnesses. Therefore it is important that adequate measures should be taken to prevent it from spreading. Anti-bacterial laminates have become highly popular and today are being used by healthcare facilities, educational institutes, restaurants and even homes due to their bacteria resistant qualities. There are a variety of anti-bacterial laminates available in the market. However for the best results you should buy high quality laminates from reputed manufacturers like Archidply.

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