How Do Gutter Guards Work?

Leaky gutters are a problem that forces many Vancouver homeowners to pick up the phone and call the local gutters company. It’s the most common issue facing homeowners, one that requires a fast resolution before significant damage to the roof and foundation occurs. Many homeowners in Vancouver and the surrounding areas install gutter guards as an added layer of protection for their home’s gutters.

How do Gutter Guards Work?

Gutter guards help prevent the gunk from accumulating inside the gutters. Although the guards do not prevent 100% of the debris (pine needles, for example, easily fall into the crevices of a gutter guard when they fall at the right angle,) they significantly minimize the accumulation and the need for gutter cleaning, gutter repairs, and gutter replacement services.

Annual inspection and gutter maintenance is an important part of any home maintenance plan, however, gutter guards make the chore simpler. The gutter guard works by filling the space that would otherwise remain open where gunk and debris freely fall inside. This results in a leak if the water backs up into the gutters. The leaks damage roofing systems and foundations, causing extensive amounts of damage in their wake. Gutter guards minimize these risks.

Types of Gutter Guards

Common gutter guard types include:

  • Slit Gutter Covers: Slit gutter covers feature one or two recessed slots that increase the amount of water flowing into the gutter and they do not handle heavy water flow very well.
  • Reserve Curve Guards: Made from metal or vinyl, this gutter guard sits over the opening. They do not handle heavy rains well, however, a significant disadvantage in Vancouver.
  • Sponge Guards: Sponge guards place a sponge that conforms to the shape of the gutters. This guard type prevents debris from accumulating inside.
  • Metal Screens: Metal screens are inexpensive. They come in small sections that fasten to the outside of the gutter lip. They’re easy-to-install but susceptible to clogging in the mesh openings.
  • Micro-Mesh Gutter Guards: Micromesh gutter guards contain a support frame that holds a mesh material that prevents debris accumulation inside of the gutter. They’re among the best guards money can buy.

The best type of gutter guards for your home varies, depending on your budget and preferences, among other factors. One of our technicians can sit down with you to discuss the various types of gutter guards and the benefits they offer to your gutter protection system.

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If you need gutters in Vancouver service, whether gutter guards installation, gutters cleaning or gutter repair, give our team a call. We offer superior gutter guards installation and service, along with the many other gutter services necessary to maintain the beauty and longevity of the home.

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