Be Prepared For Anything Nature May Throw At You

Sometimes our worlds can be turned upside down by mother nature. Although most of the time she is sunny and happy; in the blink of an eye our entire existence can be taken out by a single storm. Tornados, hurricanes and ice storms can be very destructive to our homes. How do we be prepared for anything that mother nature could throw at us? Storm shelters are our hole in the ground to hide out until mother nature’s wrath passes. They are deep holes in the ground with protective covering. This allows the wind and weather to fly over the hole and our safety to be ensured inside. Check out this information on storm shelters.

What are They?

Storm shelters go by a couple different names. Some people call them storm shelters where older generations may call them cellars. Some people even just call them safe rooms. They are very common in areas where tornadoes are an especially high threat. Root cellars often have a few different jobs. Along with being protected from mother nature they are also storage for canned items and dry vegetables. The cool air of the underground is like a really inexpensive fridge.

Extreme weather can happen anywhere. There are people who ‘prep’ meaning that they are preparing for a large economic collapse or large attack from mother nature to wipe out mankind. These people also have storm shelters that they often fill with dry goods and everything needed in the case of an emergency. Extreme shelter can happen anywhere but the states in Tornado alley are especially prone. This is why you should consider getting storm and tornado shelters in Texas.

FEMA Mandated Safe Rooms

There are some safe rooms and storm shelters that are mandated by FEMA. This is for the protection of large numbers of people. The company storm and tornado shelters of Texas know what the FEMA requirements are and build every single build to meet them.

There are two types of safe rooms

There are underground safe rooms like explained earlier. They are constructed up to par with FEMA requirements. This means they are built to withstand F5 tornadoes and windstorms.

Then there are above ground safe rooms. They are typically constructed by the same materials such as metal and fiberglass. This helps ensure that they will withstand any dance with nature.

There are many pros and cons to either type. Underground storm shelters can be scary because there is the chance that something could fall on the opening. Making it difficult to escape. However they are able to withstand stronger force because the weather is only impacting one side of the box. Underground storm shelters don’t always work though. In areas where there isn’t space for them or areas with a high water table you won’t be able to construct an underground storm shelter. This is where the above ground shelter comes into play.

Where upright standing storm shelters are less durable to mother nature but also less likely to get trapped in. What is the value in surviving an act of mother nature if you are just going to starve to death trapped in your underground storm shelter? Above ground shelters are a little more expensive to build because there are more sides to build.

At the end of the day just having a place to feel safe in the event of having a large act of mother nature is the most important part. With the recent global pandemic more and more people are starting to believe that this is the Armageddon. It is time to be prepared for anything and install a storm shelter in your home.

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