When A Pipe Bursts And Your Home Floods, How Will You Get Your House Back to Normal

A burst pipe can cause a lot of damage to a home. The pipe can lead to flooding and the home will sustain damage. After a person experiences a burst pipe there are some things they need to do to help get their home back in order and back to its normal condition.

Turn off the Water Source

If a pipe has bursts a person should turn off the water source right away. Some people will know that their pipe burst if it is in the home. Burst pipes in the walls or the basement may be harder to detect and damage may already be done. As soon as a burst pipe is detected the water to that pipe must be turned off to help keep it from making a bigger mess and causing more damage. A person should also turn off any breakers to the area so they do not get an electric shock. They may need to contact a professional. If the area is not safe a person should not even attempt to go in. They need to make sure everything is safe before they walk into an area that is blooded.

File a Claim

A person should contact their insurance company and file a claim with their homeowners’ insurance. A person may need to have specific coverage and coverage will vary based on the type of policy a person has. The insurance company will take the information and they will send out a team member to assess the damage. A person may need to provide documentation of the goods that they have lost due to the burst pipe. The insurance company may be able to cover the cost of a water damage restoration service to help dry out the home. The water damage restoration service will also be able to replace walls, ceilings, and flooring that may have become damaged due to the water. A person should leave this work to the professionals. Mold may have begun to grow and mold spores can make a person sick.

Dry Out the Area

Even if a person has a restoration company coming to help with the problem they should try to dry out the area as much as possible. The sooner they can get the area dry the better off they will be.

This way they can help stop mold from growing and possibly reduce some damage to the home. There may be visible puddles of water but there is also water where a person will not be able to see. Water may have gotten into the carpet padding and other areas of the floor or the walls. The room should be dried out quickly. A person should set up the dehumidifier. If they are waiting for the restoration company they should still do this. This will help remove moisture from the air. This will help the room dry out which will reduce the damage. If the water damage is extensive a person should get the professionals in there right away.

Once the room is dry and back to its original condition there need to be measures taken to fix the broken pipe. This will help make sure that this does not happen again. The rest of the plumbing should be checked for leaks and damage too.

These are some things that a person should do if they find out that a pipe bursts in their home. The quicker a person can find the pipe and react the less damage that may be done to the home.

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