How To Measure Exterior Doors Oakville Properly?

It is impossible to order exterior doors Oakville without knowing their measurements. While you can certainly take them on your own, it is important to know what and where to measure. Besides, not to compromise the result, this process requires from you quite a lot of precision and attentiveness. To help you accomplish this demanding task, we have prepared the following guide.

How To Take Measurements For Replacement Exterior Doors?

Obviously, when measuring your exterior doors Oakville, knowledge is not the only thing you should arm yourself with. There is also some equipment required.

What You Are Going To Need:

  • A claw hammer or a crowbar;
  • A piece of cardboard or something alike;
  • A measuring tape;
  • A sheet of paper;
  • A pencil or pen.

What You Should Do:

  1. Starting from the doorway bottom, remove the door trim from the wall with the help of a crowbar or a claw hammer. Place a piece of cardboard between the tool and the wall so that you will not damage it.
  2. Roughly measure the width of the opening. Using a measuring tape, take a measurement of the distance between the outer or last studs, positioned under the casing or jamb. Obtain top, bottom and halfway measurements. Draw a diagram for measurement recording.
  3. Take a measurement from the floor to the inner header surface, overhead the door and astern the jamb or casing. Mark the dimension on your diagram.
  4. Choose the minimum measurement of the height and width, subtracting 1/4 in. and 1/2 in. from them accordingly to leave room for shims.
  5. Take a measurement of the thickness of the existing door. Usually, the thickness of an exterior door is 1 ¾ in. However, it is always better to measure it, as the dimensions may vary from door to door.

Tips To Take Into Account When Choosing A Door

If you buy exterior doors Oakville that are already prehung, it is important to indicate how you want them to fold. The door that has hinges on its left when you pull it toward yourself is called a hinge-left, whereas the one that has hinges on its right is a hinge-right. Remember that for the most accurate result, you need to open the door toward you, not outward.

In case you decide to leave the existing frame and replace the door solely, you should only measure the slab of the door. Should you decide to replace the whole unit, you will need to take measurements from the external side of the frame. The replacement doors Oakville need to be as high, wide and thick as the current ones. If some of the dimensions happen to be a bit larger, it is important that you be able to trim the door to the required size.

Also, keep in mind that taking the precise measurement is crucial if you do not want to make any further adjustments with the exterior doors Oakville replacement. Unsure whether you can handle it yourself? In that case, do not hesitate to entrust this important mission to professionals. Call us right away to get started on your door replacement project!

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