Apartment Design Tips

Are you moving into a new apartment? It can be exciting to have a fresh start, and you are probably already planning your new layout in your mind. Here are some tips for designing your new space.


Most apartments have square angular lines which creates a boxy feeling. Furnish and accessorize with rounded corners and various textures to help make the space feel homey. Joybird reviews furniture so you can see what people are saying about a piece before you order it. It is a good idea to check Joybird reviews especially for big-ticket items like a sofa, so you can check all the specs and compare prices.


Work with the color palette you have, not the one you want. If you have a bright red carpet, style the apartment to work with it. You might have wanted to go in a different direction with décor. Maybe you wanted a beach cottage vibe with white and light blue tones, but if you fight against the existing elements, it will just end up clashing.


Utilize the wall space to add storage. Most landlords don’t want their tenants to hammer dozens of nails in the walls. You can use command hooks to hang paintings and all sorts of things. You can use them to hold pegboards above kitchen cabinets to hang measuring cups, wooden spoons, and other utensils.

There are a lot of upsides to renting as opposed to owning a home. You don’t have to worry about maintenance costs and if something breaks like the AC, you don’t have to cover the costs. Whether you rent or own, home is wherever you return to rest your head.  Complete your apartment décor with your personalized items, keepsakes, nick-nacks, and photos of loved ones. Now go enjoy your new home!

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