Dealing with Rats Under your Home: Understanding your Options

There are a lot of ways to get rid of rats that might be living under your home. For minor infestations, you can depend on DIY options like over-the-counter traps and poison. But, professional pest control in Round Rock, TX is necessary for more serious rat problems. Pest control professionals usually use commercial grade traps and baits to address a rat infestation. Often, such solutions can effectively resolve infestation and prevent future rat problems. 

Signs there are Rats Under your Home

Rats naturally prefer dark, damp areas to make their nests. You can often tell if you have rats living under your home by the sound of them scurrying about. Other signs of rat infestations include gnawed marks in wood, siding, and wiring, as well as dirt, and droppings. Also, deceased rats cause a noticeable odor. If you notice these signs, you must take action right away. These rodents carry diseases that can be transmitted to humans. Also, they can leave significant damage to your wiring and floorboards. By not taking prompt action, a rat infestation can quickly become an uncontrollable and costly problem. 

Trusting the Experts

Instead of dealing with the rat infestation from under your house yourself, it is often best to contact a pest control expert. Licensed, insured pest removal companies are equipped to help your rat issue quickly, safely, and permanently. 

Professional exterminators use rat removal solutions that effectively reduce any possible risk. Their treatments concentrate on eliminating your current rat issue and discouraging rats from going back to where they used to hide under your home in the future. 

When picking a pest control expert, look for one who will help you determine the extent of your rat issue, your remediation goals, and preferences for the work before it gets started. This makes sure you will be satisfied with their services and don’t have to worry about the same problem in the future. 

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