How to Design Your Home to Match Your Personality

In 2020, we spent more time at home than ever—our meetings were conducted through Zoom, our birthday parties were virtual, and many of us are now on a first-name basis with our Amazon delivery person. If you’re feeling a little cooped up and want to give yourself a new view without having to leave the house, now might be a great time to redecorate.

By setting a couple of New Year’s Resolutions that can be completed right at home, you’ll improve your living space and give yourself a sense of accomplishment for actually checking something off of your resolution list this year! While cleaning and decluttering will help, why not completely redecorate your home to match your personality? After all, your home is a reflection of you, and you are the one spending all of your time there. With these pointers, you’ll be glad you have an excuse to lounge around at home every day.

Save where you can.

The costs of redecorating can add up fast, so you want to make sure that the changes you make now will pay off in the long run. If you’re thinking of adding a bay window or simply changing the windows in your home while you’re already in the thick of it, don’t go for the cheapest and quickest option you can find. Having energy-efficient windows makes your home easier to heat and cool, which saves you money on your energy bill over time. FHIA, the leading company in Miami windows, also offers hurricane-resistant windows—which means you won’t have to repair or replace a window every time a hurricane tosses a lawn chair toward your home.

To save on decor, check the consignment shops in your area or search sites like Facebook Marketplace for gently used items. Not only will you save money, but you’ll also save landfill space by claiming an item that might have otherwise been thrown out. Even if you have expensive taste, you’re bound to find ways to save a bit here and there by shopping around instead of purchasing the first thing you find.

Fill your home with plants that fit your aesthetic.

Houseplants are proven to boost your mood and productivity, so if you find yourself slowly being the Crazy Plant Lady, you might not be so crazy after all. Plants are the new pets, and we’re here for it. Like pets, plants come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Adding a variety of plants throughout your home gives your space a more refreshing look, and gives you a sense of accomplishment when you realize that you can easily keep a pothos alive longer than your goldfish.

Adding plants to your newly redecorated sanctuary doesn’t have to stop at indoor plants. Even if you live in an apartment and you have a small outdoor space like a patio or balcony, you can still transform your outdoor space into your own personal garden. Add vibrant patio plants to your space, and get creative with the pots and planters. If you live somewhere with inclement weather, potted plants can easily be brought indoors to expand their lifespan. Just make sure that any plants that will be within reach of your furry friends are pet-friendly to avoid a vet emergency if they decide to take a nibble.

Cut the clutter.

If you’ve got things around your home that you only need during certain times of the year, like bulky snow clothes or your holiday decorations, don’t just leave them out for the sake of convenience. Removing items that aren’t being used at least weekly will help you maintain a clutter-free environment, which in turn will help you relax and minimize your stress. By seasonally rotating out your decor and the items within your line of sight, you give yourself the opportunity to decide whether or not you really need to keep something—and it’s like a mini-renovation each time you bring out new decor for the season!

To cut back even further on the clutter and avoid just shoving everything into a closet or your garage, look for an affordable and reliable storage facility in your area. Depending on how long you plan to store your items, you can get amazing deals on cheap storage units in Irvineand many other California cities without even having to leave your home. Each time you go to your storage unit, consider the things you rotate out and the things that tend to sit in the corner untouched. If you have items that you’re holding onto “just in case” but know it’s unlikely you’ll ever use them, it’s probably time to sell or donate them.

Create a place of solace.

When you’re home, you should feel comfortable and safe, and the energy in your home will help maintain this feeling. For some, this might mean having just the right combination of throw pillows and candles. For others, this could mean having a deep connection with your living space as a place of meditation and wellness.

If you’ve been meaning to transform part of your home into a sacred space, start your search at a Wiccan storefor items that will help you connect with the energy in your home. Whether you’re looking for an Altar Setup or just want incense or protective decor, purchasing sacred items from a genuine craftsman rather than from Amazon or similar places means that you are getting genuine items for practicing Magick—and you avoid the negative energy that comes hand-in-hand with capitalism while helping a small business owner share their craft.

Make use of shelves.

The right kind of shelving can serve a dual purpose in any living space, regardless of how much room you have to play with. Shelves add a nice decor element, but they also help you stay organized. If your home has built-in bookshelves you can use this space to display decor items, books, or tidy boxes of items that might not get everyday use but are still used frequently enough to keep them out of storage.

If your home does not have built-in shelves, remember that you get what you pay for when it comes to furniture. While you might have to spend a lot more for a high-quality shelving unit, you can rest assured knowing that you won’t come home from work after a long day to find that your cheaply made shelves have collapsed and created a mess.

Redecorating your home to match your personality and style doesn’t have to be a one-day undertaking. You can do as much or as little as you want at a time, as long as you follow through with each project that you start. Revamping your living space will make you happier and more comfortable, and it gives you a chance to get rid of things you never use anymore.

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