Magazine-Worthy Interior Design Tips

If you were raised in the south, you grew up with a mother, grandmother, or an aunt who always had the latest Southern Living issue on the coffee table and a collection of older issues in the bathroom. Otherwise, there are always ads on television or the internet from iconic home decor moguls like The Home Edit and Magnolia Home.

Dream homes are seen on all forms of media, but how do you achieve your perfect version of a magazine-worthy home? Everyone’s style is different and unique to themselves, so here are a few ways to stay true to your own taste while also curating a good enough space to be featured in a magazine.

Renovate the main space.


This will be what sets your space apart from others. Changing your home’s architecture and moving it away from a closed concept to a more open concept creates a flow throughout the home. Still, this kind of construction project requires a general contractor and even a project manager. Poor project management will result in a half-decent home renovation that might not be exactly what you want for your home, so having a reliable project manager from a company you can trust is of utmost importance.

If you’re in the state of Florida, CMK Construction inc. is an excellent contractor to consult for your next home renovation. CMK Construction is a state-certified general contractor whose priority is high-quality kitchen and bath remodeling. CMK will provide homeowners with the highest quality work at a competitive price. When you finally decide to begin a home renovation, make sure you do your research and choose a contracting company like CMK Construction inc. to give you the best remodel possible.

Pictures are a must.


Having aesthetically pleasing photos placed around your home is the detail that will give it personalization without adding much else. A few personalized photos on the wall or a side table are understated and yet say so much about the value you place on your personal relationships.

Whether it’s a simple framed photo on your buffet table, a photo book laying on your coffee table, or new photos printed on canvas and hung on the wall, these elements will liven up your space and personalize it simultaneously. If you want to print photos from the comfort of your home, sites like Shutterfly allow you to select the best photos from your photos app on your iPhone, iCloud and even google photos to print and mail to your home. Ensure that you have the latest versions of a supported browser to access the site fully.

Stick to neutral tones.


This is a detail most people don’t take into account when decorating their home. If you’re not 100% committed to incorporating color into your home, then it won’t look quite the way you want it to. The extreme use of color incorporation only works if you aren’t afraid of using bright tones along with muted tones. Otherwise, space will appear confused and even messy.

If you’re new to decorating and you don’t have a clear idea of a color scheme to stick with, then it’s best to start with wood tones and neutral tones like variations of brown, tan, black, and white to cover the base of your home. You can even incorporate patterns in your home as long as they include mostly basic neutrals. The best-looking, magazine-worthy homes whose color pallets are mainly neutral tones with one or two accent colors might appear on a painted wall or in decorative items such as throw pillows and blankets.

If you want to have a magazine-worthy home, you’ll first need to accept that there will likely be a renovation project in your future. After that, incorporating personal details and the perfect color pallet will make your home absolutely magazine-worthy.

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