7 Reasons to Place Area Rugs in Your Home

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There are various decor pieces nowadays that can set a room apart and add unique dimensions.

However, few of them can be removed and changed quickly and at a low cost. Unlike paint, wallpaper, and other fixtures, area rugs are decorative pieces that can be replaced at a whim.

They have the added benefit of instantly changing the look of a room without much effort. Area rugs come in many different shapes, sizes, patterns, colours, materials, and designs.

Whether to use a small, cozy rug or a large one depends on the size of the area, furniture, and the decoration’s general theme.

Here are seven reasons why area rugs will make an excellent addition to your home.

They Tie Decor Themes Together

One effective way to bring different decoration themes together in a cohesive fashion is to use area rugs.

For a person with an eclectic decor style, you can use an area rug as the centrepiece that makes all the other pieces come together.

Area rugs usually feature a mixture of colours, thereby allowing you to use different shades in decorating the room without worrying about the colours clashing.

Rugs Inspire Designs

A unique area rug can set the tone for how the whole room is designed. When you are feeling stumped for design ideas, you can use a rug as a starting point.

The colours, patterns, materials, and shape of the rug can spark your creative spirit, inspiring you to use decor pieces.

By drawing ideas for decoration from your rug design, you would end up with an effortlessly cohesive room decor.

They Define Spaces

In lofts and homes with an open plan, area rugs can be used to separate spaces intended for different purposes.

They eliminate the need for walls or partitions of any kind. A large rug placed under the centre table with furniture arranged on or around its edges can be used to set a living room apart.

The dining tables and chairs can be set upon another rug to create more distinct spaces. Small rugs can be used to separate reading nooks, entertainment areas, or lounges.

Area Rugs Add Colour

Rugs can feature a wide variety of colours. Some are monochrome, while some feature an extensive colour palette.

When you are looking to add life to a room, an area rug can help you get the job done without expending much effort.

Rugs can add a burst of colour to a neutral space and add dimension to a minimalist decor. They can add a fun appeal to an otherwise lifeless interior.

They Offer Protection

Apart from the aesthetic appeal that the right rug provides, it also serves practical purposes. Rugs can be placed on hardwood floors, tiles, and other flooring types to help reduce stains, scratches, and fading.

They help to increase the longevity of your floors by offering protection from daily wear and tear. Rugs made with durable materials such as jute rugs can be used in high traffic areas to minimize the impact on the floors.

With the addition of a non-slip pad underneath, area rugs can help to prevent slips and falls. Choose from the many options available at rug.com and find one that suits your needs.

Rugs Help with Insulation

Area rugs provide warmth and comfort. Their soft, pliable, and usually cold-absorbent materials make them perfect insulating pieces.

Instead of having to walk on cold floors, place area rugs at strategic places such as the sides of your bed or the foot of the couch to provide warmth.

A rug in front of the fireplace can be a perfect spot to enjoy a cup of hot beverage on a cold winter night.

They Reduce Noise

Rugs provide adequate noise reduction abilities by providing a cushion that absorbs noise. A plush rug reduces the sound of footsteps, pets, children, and other forms of noise.

Using area rugs is an excellent way to reduce your home’s noise level, especially in an area where there is high traffic.

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