Get Peace of Mind With These 9 Home Security Tips

When you take a holiday trip, do you sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and wonder if you actually locked the back door to your house? Having your vacation interrupted by a terrifying realization doesn’t sound like a relaxing time. Here are nine tips for gaining peace of mind about your home security.

1. Electronic Door Locks

One of the easiest ways to improve the security of your home for when you’re gone is to install an electronic lock on your doors. Many electronic door locks offer mobile apps that let you check the status of your lock from anywhere. If you’re away from home and you forgot to lock the front door, you can rest easy knowing you can quickly open your door lock’s mobile app and make sure it’s locked.

2. Doorbell Cameras

Another way to be confident your home is safe is to install home security solutions like doorbell cameras or video intercom systems. Such solutions have two big benefits. The first is that you can communicate with anybody at your door if you’re home or not. The second is the ability to capture video footage of somebody looking around your house with malicious intent. Because of these features, doorbell cameras can help prevent crimes like package theft.

3. Outdoor Lighting

You can make your home a less-enticing target for potential criminals by installing extra lights on the exterior of your house. Place lights in especially dark areas that could be desirable hiding spots for a thief. Installing lights with motion sensors that only illuminate when somebody approaches can help you cut down on the costs of having extra outdoor lighting.

4. Extra Deadbolts

Keeping your home safe while you’re gone is important, but so too is feeling safe inside your home. While you can take steps to deter criminals before they even step foot on your property, you can also make it more difficult to access in general. Reinforce the doors to your home by installing extra deadbolts that only unlock from the inside. Strong deadbolts make it more difficult for a criminal to break door handle locks or force doors open.

5. Window Security Film

If a thief can’t get in through a door, they will often try to smash windows to gain entry to your home. Install security film to all of your windows to prevent them from being an easy access point for criminals. Security film sticks to your glass windows to help them resist shattering. This makes windows much more difficult for a criminal to break.

6. Security System

Electronic locks, exterior cameras, and outdoor lighting can combine to act as the first tier of your home defense. However, criminals can still sometimes find a way in. Installing a security system can help close the gaps. Motion sensors on potential entry points and in vulnerable rooms can trigger alarms when somebody enters your house who shouldn’t. A security system can bring you peace of mind that any intrusion will be dealt with swiftly.

7. Connected Home

Many appliances inside your home can connect to the internet, which can be used to your benefit even when you’re not home. Consider automating the connected devices inside your home to give the impression that you’re still there even when you aren’t. With automation, you can set your lights to come on at times when you would normally be home, acting as a deterrent for any would-be criminal.

8. Secure Internet

When securing a home, people often forget that data security is just as important as physical security. Using a wireless internet router without a password or other security measures can leave your data and many of your connected devices, like door locks and lights, at risk of hacking.

9. Home Safes

If all else fails, a home safe can help you protect certain valuables and important documents in the event of a break-in. Recovering from a stolen TV can be much easier than losing birth certificates and passports. Keep your most valuable items secure in a home safe.

By implementing some or all of these tips in your home, you can make your home a less attractive target for criminals. With your doors locked and your security system armed, you can relax while on vacation.

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