Start Counting Figures and Sheep: Bedroom Sets With Multiple Functions

When your home has limited space, it can seem impossible to accommodate all the demands of your life without making a sacrifice somewhere. The good news is that multifunctional bedroom sets provide a stress-free way of increasing your available floor space and even equipping your bedroom to serve more than one purpose. This can be anything from doubling the function of a room to doubling its storage space.

In a time when working from home is the norm, creating an effective home office is essential to maintaining any kind of work/life balance and reasonable separation. Putting aside a dedicated space within your home, however, is often easier said than done. Happily, multifunctional furniture sets for the bedroom offer a simple solution!

A lofted bed creates additional space beneath it, all but eliminating its own footprint. This space also comes with its own predetermined edges, something many home offices lack. Before you worry that your only experience with a lofted bed was college, remember that bedroom sets have advanced. Lofts now accommodate adult heights and larger bed sizes, not to mention incorporating an awareness of style and design utterly absent from most college dorms.

But lofts are just the start. Multifunctional bedroom sets are designed to accommodate the demands of almost any bedroom. Do you need more storage space? There are bedframes specifically made to create extra storage space in your bedroom. Do your children regularly have their friends over for sleepovers? Bunks and trundle beds are a fantastic way to accommodate more bodies without eating away at precious floor space. The utility of any bedroom furniture can be folded into a bedroom set; just look at bedframes with build-in bookcases and drawers, not to mention dressers with fold-out desks and tables that can be tucked away to make extra space as needed.

Remember, too, that bedroom sets work together to create a cohesive look without the need for dramatic or expensive redecorating. Styling any room can be difficult, but in a bedroom, it is especially important not to introduce clutter or crowding. With an already matched set, this task becomes far more manageable. As you begin to plan for the placement of your bedroom set, remember that the arrangement will impact the function of your furniture. Ensure that drawers have plenty of clearance to fully open, for instance, and that you will not be blocking windows or air vents. You can even use painter’s tape to mark where each piece will go, using the detailed specifications available online for each part of the bedroom set.

This can also give you a good sense of how the set will fill the space and allow you to begin considering what element to feature as the stylistic center of the room; a favorite work of art, for example, or even a lovely area rug can work with your bedroom set to give the space a completed feel without unnecessary additions or furnishings. If you are interested in an affordable means of maximizing your space, bedroom sets are a great place to start.

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