How To Handle Bald Spots On Your Lawn 

Does your lawn have bald spots that make the yard look terrible or unpleasant? Well, there are several ways to make your yard look that much more incredible and not bald. What will fix your lawn will be a renovation. You will need to kill the weeds, remove surface debris, and reseed without grading or tilling. By doing the renovation it will be less labor-intensive due to not needing to till up the dirt. This will mean the leftover weed seeds will be left in an area where they cannot germinate. Also, you will be helping the organisms that live beneath the grasses’ surface.

The first step will be clearing the surface. Use a weed killer to stop all potential growth. Using an organic approach will be better for the lawn and overall the environment. Whatever approach you choose to do you will need to wait about two weeks before replanting.

The second thing after waiting for those two weeks is to do a soil test. This will help you determine the pH of the soil. This will also determine the amendments or fertilizers that need to be applied to maintain a healthy yard. This will also determine if you need compost. Compost is great for the lawn to grow in. It will keep the grass hardy and green. The last part is selecting the type of grass you intend on planting.

Try using local grass that is natural to the area. This is best for the environment. Also, think about how the natural grass that grew in your region will be the hardest. Also knowing where the sprinklers are hitting will give a good indication to the areas that are left dry. Make sure the areas that receive the most sunlight are getting enough water. Another thing about landrace grass is it usually strives in that climate therefore if you live in an area where it is very dry, choosing a grass that does not need as much water will be the best suit for you.

Atlanta lawn care will be there to help you choose the right seeds to keep a beautiful yard. Bermudagrass will be the most common type of grass in this region. It is great for the climate of Atlanta. Also, the Atlanta lawn care services offer regular maintenance if you don’t have time to cut or maintain the lawn. They can also install sprinkler systems and drain them before the first frost. Planting trees will help protect the grass and mean that you will not have to water as often. Be careful of planting too many as this will block out the sun which is vital for plant life.

There are many ways to get rid of bald spots in your lawn. The first thing to do is start from scratch and get rid of the remaining grass. Take all the precautions for fighting against weed growth. Therefore use organic methods to kill the weeds. A natural way is to burn the remaining grass and start from scratch. Also using fertilizers, compost, and other amendments to give your lawn nutrition. Planting local grass is another great way to have a hardy lawn. Landrace grass is best to plant because that’s in that climate it grows the best. Planting other plants such as flowers and trees will also help with the lawn. Watering sufficiently is also another important aspect to avoid those bald spots. Bald spots sometimes occur because the soil is very dry. Lastly using organic methods to keep a healthy yard is better than going out and buying a bunch of chemicals.

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