Your Simple Guide to Cleaning and Maintaining Laminate Floors

How do you ensure your laminate floors are always sparkling clean? Since laminate floors are phobic to moisture, most people find a rough time keeping them clean.

If you have a pet at home, it can even be more challenging to keep your floor clean and tidy all the time. You can have the best cat tree for large cats to ensure your feline friend spends less time scrubbing the floor.

In this article, we mention some simple tips and DIY for the laminate floor. Keep reading for a guide on how to clean and maintain your laminate floor.

1. Clean liquid spills immediately

Laminate floors are not friendly to liquid spills. Therefore, allowing liquid spills to settle on your floor is the last thing you want to do. Immediately you spill liquid on the laminate floor, you should clean it up before it can soak into the floor.

You can use a soft dry cloth to soak or dampen the liquid spill and dry up the floor. Ensure the floor is always dry and free of moisture.

2. Sweep the floor regularly

Keep your laminate floor tidy by sweeping it with a dry dust mop every day. This way, you remove all the everyday dirt that may pile in high traffic areas. Allowing dirt and debris to build on the laminate floor can cause scratches and spoil its atheistic look.

Only use vacuums with a soft brush to suck up all the dirt that settles on the floor. Avoid the common floor brush with pointed bristles – it can scratch the floor and damage it.

3. Protect your floor

Here are the best practices to protect your laminate floor:

– Avoid using detergents or products that improve the shine on the floor. These products can cause a waxy build-up on the floor, which takes effort to remove. Scented cleaners leave some residue on the floor and must be avoided at all costs.

– Do not wet mop your laminate floor if you want it to stay for long.

– Avoid walking with pointed or foxy stiletto heels on the floor. They can easily cause scratches.

– Ensure all the furniture in the house have pads on contact with the floor.

– You should trim your pet nails. If you have a cat, you must ensure it doesn’t scrub the laminate floor – most pets like scrubbing the ground when playing.

4. Choose your detergent wisely

Taking care of your laminate floor is never a walk in the park – you want to be more careful when shopping for your cleaning supplies. For instance, you should avoid all acidic detergents.

There is a lot of debate on whether you should use vinegar on a laminate floor. The truth is that when mixed with hot water, you can use it to remove all pet grime. Just ensure you are soft when cleaning the floor with vinegar solution to avoid damaging it.

Final Thoughts

The simplest way to clean and maintain your laminate floor is by using the right detergent and cleaning method. You should avoid using abrasive clothing and allowing liquid spills to settle on the floor for prolonged hours. Clean your floor every day to avoid the build-up of debris, pet droppings, and dust.

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