Making a Slow Home: Is That Possible?

What is slow home? Slow home is a new decorative trend, which replaces the Zen trend. In the same spirit, it is a way to transform your room into a real space of relaxation and well-being. Inspired by slow food, it is based on a desire to learn to take your time and find a space where stress and pressure are absent. In a few steps, you will be able to completely reinvent the ambiance of your veranda and change it into a timeless cocoon. From CraftSide we offer you the best solutions now.

How do I make my room a “slow home” place?

  • Bet on raw wood which, by its color, will warm the room.
  • For decorative objects, choose materials filled with charm such as sandstone or ceramic.
  • Choose throws with natural and elegant materials. What you are looking for when choosing your throws is softness. We advise you to turn to linen, cotton and wool throws, which are pleasant to the touch. You can also accessorize your sofas and armchairs with cushions of different shapes and sizes.

Opt for a soft and subdued light. If it is important to have a well-lit space, this light should not be too aggressive.

Buy plants. A “slow home” room begins above all with a greening of the premises. Plants have a beneficial effect on humans since they give the impression of a return to the sources. For a trendy decor, combine plants, glass and ceramics! For example, put a succulent in a glass pot, another in a ceramic pot and hang them with braided rope.

For the colors?

Use natural and soft colors as much as possible. Pastel green, the color of nature, will have soothing benefits. Associated with a gray, color of the stone, you will be perfectly in tune with the “slow home” theme. White is preferred.

Don’t put a clock

If you really want to take advantage of the “slow life” philosophy, don’t leave any object telling you the time. You will be in your space, cut off from the constraints and pressures of everyday life.

For wall decoration, which should not be overloaded, we recommend that you display light or black wooden frames. Still on a white background, opt for posters of plants, landscapes, animals or “good vibes” quotes.

Finally, don’t forget to accessorize everything with a carpet! Choose carpets in the Berber style, handcrafted if possible, to give an authentic look to your veranda.

The hallway

An original idea: a corridor in black. Black tiles with a black ceiling and white walls, elegant atmosphere guaranteed. This decoration gives an impression of intimacy. Besides, are you more of a poetic type? The paper lantern is perfect. He lights up the corridor while dressing him. Besides the hallway, you can also install it in the bedrooms.

A child’s room

The hanging canvases are pretty over a child’s bed. Ask them to make this canvas themselves if they want. Still with regard to the child’s bedroom, you can opt for different strips that go from floor to ceiling.

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